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Contact, or at 909-730-7137.

In-person local readings can be scheduled at Peace of Mind Bookstore, 1401 E. 15th St., Tulsa OK, 918-83-1090

Please include your date of birth, time of day, year, and city, town or county. The time should be the most accurate you can find, preferably from a written birth record.

Payment for telephone or on-line  readings must be made prior to services. Paypal/Credit card link is coming soon - in the meantime by check or money order.

Our Services

​Natal Horoscope Interpretation (your birth chart):1 1/4 hour reading with written birth chart and session summary. $125.

Natal Horoscope or Horary Question Mini-reading: 20-30 minute session with basic chart information. $28 at Peace of Mind Bookstore.

Yearly forecast, comparison of two charts, relocation chart, event planning: $60 - $300 depending on nature of request.

Meet Lynn Bootes

Read May 2014 Planetary Weather  at of Holistic Science. ​

Beginning Vedic Astrology Class at Peace of Mind Bookstore. Congratulations to D'Ann, Connie, Justin, Bogie, and Danna, who finished the  winter series. Also to Sandrah,, Suzanne, and Grace who attended last fall. The next series will begin in late August. The cost is $10 per class, and a recommended text costing $16. Those who attend three or more sessions receive a complimentary natal reading.

Astrology Club meets monthly on the 3rd Wednesday at 6:00 pm at Peace of Mind Bookstore. Next meeting May 21. We will look at Albert Einstein's horoscope.

Lynn Bootes will speak at the "Jupiter in Cancer" conference sponsored by the Council of Vedic Astrology in Seattle, WA, June 20-23, 2014.

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Phone: 909-730-7137

Telephone or on-line appointments can usually be scheduled 1-3 days after receipt of payment.

Vedic Light Astrology

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Vedic Light Astrology

I had my birth chart prepared by Lynn Bootes. It was very inspiring and confirming. I felt great peace and empowerment around my children, a more balanced sense of support on my life. My feelings of being overwhelmed and powerless have faded. With her guidance I now feel divinely empowered. I know the universe supports my higher good. I now go into the present and future knowing Lynn's wisdom, intuition, and compassion is a valuable gift in my life for resulting higher good for me and all that surrounds me…My career has done a 360 with her guidance.

Rebecca, resident of Tulsa